Who is Casa Design?

Lifestyle Design. Simplified.

Sure. Everyone wants to have a beautiful home with soaring ceilings and sleek finished just like you see in the movies. But who has time to undertake such a project. Much less the skill?

Remember how your last pet project turned out? Or how about that time you thought it would be cute if you cut your own hair.

The truth is — redoing your home or space is no small matter and the smallest slight of hand will have everyone asking you if you lost a bet — or that your DIY project is cute. When they mean it looks ugly.

We get it. You want WOW and you want it NOW. Rest easy because we got you covered.

Meet Your Designers

Rosie Betancourt

Focused on delivering her innovative vision of tailor fit custom built spaces Rosie Betancourt always finds herself on the lading edge of new design. In the industry for over 20+ years, she is an ASID certified interior designer and a civil engineer by trade. Since she began in the furniture trade over time she began designing interiors which needed facelifts. Over time – her signature style gained attention from magazines and TV shows such as HGTV Househunters – making her cameos and lead designer at casa design interior bringing her unique touch to designer ready condos in downtown Miami and the beaches.

You can find her managing projects, designing new spaces  or strolling along her favorite beach on 60th and collins. Follow her on instagram @casadesigninterior. 😉

Casa Design Workforce

The heroes which deliver all the necessary, finishes, installations to every job site — on time and without fail. It is the close collaboration that enables some of our most wild imaginationative thoughts to come to life and reality through our 20+ member team of artisians, plumbers, electricians, painters, builders, welders and much more. Bringing together a combined expertise in the field of over 50 years. It’s safe to say we know what we are doing in the field.