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It’s true… Miami is one of the most sought after getaway home destinations for the hardworking and successful. Your home away from home should match your fine sense of style. Casa Design interiors has been designing refined homes for people with refined tastes for over 20 years. Our delicate attention for details put your wants at the center of our focus. You don’t want a hotel, you want a signature Miami Condo made especially for you, your family and your needs period.

Our work has been featured on hit programs and magazines such as HGTV’s House Hunters. We are so fortunate to collaborate with clients from all over the world mixing our unique styles with each individual project.

Check out our portfolio to discover some of our most recent projects. Also feel free to take advantage of our FREE online consultation. Just describe your project and it’s details and we would be happy to offer our expert advice.

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Modern Interior Design with Miami Spice for a Miami Life. Over 20 years of experience in high end fashion furniture and remodeling beach front condos has given us at Casa Design Plus Interior the necessary tools to give your new space the starlet treatment. This white glove service which affords you peace of mind and pride knowing your house is being crafted with care by some of the very best in the business. Our unique combination of advanced materials, gives us complete control over your desired look. Feel free to dream and experience the freedom and control you have never witnessed before.

Now you can finally get that Miami Condo, spend a fortune on remodeling and still come out with a GREAT DEAL.

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